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Intrusco Financial Services LLC

During your financial accumulation period, you may use all or some of the following:

your housestocksbondsannuitiesreal estatequalified planscash,

permanent life insuranceRoth IRAmutual fundsnew business, and certificate of deposits.

Your “distribution period” is greatly influenced by what was done during the accumulation period.

Both need good attention during the lifelong financial journey.


Education Process that does the following:


  1. Define what your ideal financial plan should look like and why
  2. Understanding the big picture of financial decisions one makes today impacts the number of opportunities in the future
  3. How to create more benefits from the same dollars spent
  4. Making efficient financial decisions will improve one’s financial future
  5. Having access to money without penalties is critical to one’s financial security
  6. Understanding how you & others make decisions can build harmony
  7. One’s confidence is enhanced as a result of this process
The important question, what to start with first and then add to. Each asset has its unique list of benefits. How do all these assets and benefits fit together in your “big financial picture”?

This is our mission: to identify and clarify what your financial journey would look like with these answers.